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Strike Center (For All Roleplays)

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Strike Center (For All Roleplays)

Post by Sorrow872 on Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:10 pm

I don't know how else to do this for now but I guess I'll make this thread to keep a list of strikes. Since only I can edit my post Scratchy will have to message me if I need to add one that I forgot.

If you notice that a rule has been broken please message either me or ScratchBoard, we will check if a rule has been broken and message the person in question / the persons in question. You will stay anonymous. And feel free to message me if I've broken a rule and I haven't noticed it, I'm cool about that kind of stuff, I promise. No hard feelings.

REMINDER: With every strike you get I will send you a personal PM informing you about this so you can try to avoid getting another one. Remember though that even if I try to stay patient and nice, if you repeatedly break the rules I may lose my temper at one point and I apologize for that in advance, if you want me to apologize if I snapped at you feel free to post it anywhere or send me a PM and (maybe) I will.

The list of rules is to be found here http://ponyville-central.pro-forum.co.uk/t6-rules-list-please-read-before-you-rp.

Strike list (and violated rule):

1st Strike: Excessive clop
2nd Strike: Disrespect of admin Raryn & others. (21/07)

1st Strike: Excessive clop
2nd Strike: Disobeying admins
3rd Strike: Disrespecting fellow RPers
4th Strike: Disobeying admins



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